Thursday, November 1, 2007

Week Two - Day Four - Thoughts...

Philip Munger: I got together with Fred James to create this blog as a unique way to approach the new communication frontier of trial blogging. I had hoped we would be able to do something more akin to the live blogging, pioneered by firedoglake during the Irving Libby trials last spring. That didn't happen. But this experience has been worthwhile.

I'm hoping to widen the discussions carried here before Fred and I move on. One area of interest to me is why all this happened to Vic Kohring, Pete Kott, Bruce Weyrauch, Tim Anderson, Bill Allen and Rick Smith. The votes were for sale because lobbyists have such heavy influence in so many aspects of political life, especially on the state and national levels. I'm a champion of voter reform, so I'm hoping to bring interviews with people involved in attempting to clean up our state elections into a couple posts here, possibly early this coming week.


Linda said...

In my opinion if anyone actually listened to the evidence presented in intelligent rational reason from the defense attorney compared to the twisted lies and arrogant, aggressive stage show of the FBI young children attorneys that there is nothing but an innocent verdict.

I’m not going to go point by point because it is all there for one to look up if they had a mind to see it. But a few opinions I must bring to the forefront.
Did you know that some of the monies that everyone is ranting about did not happen?
Mr. Allen says they did but defense knows that most was a lie and never happened but people are still going on and on about it as if it did? Mr. Allen was shown to be telling not truths on several occasions at this trial.
Did you know that back in the 70’s I worked for a while as many did in the oil fields to earn better pay then other jobs offered? That I knew of Mr. Allen then and back then he already went around telling everyone that “he own everyone’s asses”?

Did you know that Vic had gone through a life threatening surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota? That he had paid off most of those expenses and had the one left that started to give him troubles at the time he asked about a loan from a friend that had that kind of money to maybe be able to do that. It had nothing to do with any timing of legislation.
My family and most others certainly weren’t the billionaire that Mr. Allen was. Did you know according to statistics that most people carry $20,000.00 dollars in credit?

Did you know the judge refused the defense to move the trial to Fairbanks or anywhere all the sharks were not feeding on the blood in the water?
Did you know that the judge refused some of Mr. Kohring’s witnesses, refused him some of his defense? I was one of them so I do know that to be a fact.

Do you know that the last day the room was over flowing with media that doesn’t care at all about truth or care about the humanity or the life changes this is for several?
All they care about is getting a story that sells.
Not all but most were rude and pushy and up and down and in and out and crawled over me and pushed by me as I was there to see what was happening to a family friend.

Do you know that it was flat out scary that the young prosecutors that know nothing of who Vic is, half way threw their first chance of closing argument told so much lies and twisted truth so ensnared that I don’t know how the jury will ever tell it apart?
That I have compassion and concern for the jury as they try to figure that out but I am appalled and disillusioned that those young FBI lawyers representing my United States just out rightfully lied and they know they are lying.
Do you know that I am a past 50 yr. old, a mom, wife, nurse that has seen some tragic stuff in my work and am an active volunteer in my community and I have never seen anything this evil before? This total conjecture and entrapment and framing of an innocent person that spent all those years working so hard for us.

Did you know that he did more for the common person in and out of his district then any other? He was constantly helping people and that was his greeting and signing off to almost everyone. “Is there anything more I can do to help you?” There are paper copies of hundreds to thousands of them in the correspondences he had in office.

I am posting at this blog because there is at least some equal representation for Vic.
At this time I have not posted anywhere else or called a talk show because the little that I have read on blogs and listened to on radio is so outrageously inaccurate and vile.

I tried to listen to this Dan Fagan show on the way home from court yesterday to hear if the jury came back or not and it made me ill. I turned it off. I saw Mr. Fagan and half the world of media all crammed into the courtroom yesterday. I don’t know how someone could have been there and heard the same I did and come out with the depraved trash of untruth that the Fagan show then went on and on about.

Mr. Munger I don’t know you personally, you are probably good to your family but I do know that you were belligerent and rude to my son as he grew up in community band that you directed for many years. You knew his family were friends to Vic. That you went on political tirades during band practice that felt abusive to more then just my son as his friends also spoke of it. You were the only band in town so it had to be.

My family has known Vic and his family for many years, been at some of the same events, done regular activities together, been his constituents and volunteered helped in some of his work. They are decent good people. I have never known them to be anything but kind and fair.
The filth and distain that most blogs and media have just plain made up out of thin air, the lies that they have continued to spread even when the truth has been there before them but they cut that out and go on with the lies; has been more then harmful to the family and friends.
If any treated their kids or parents or spouse as those have treated the Kohring family in these public bogs and media they’d be on trial them selves for domestic violence and cruelty.
It has most certainly contributed to any negative outcome that may happen for Vic. That is not whining that is social economical fact. He is innocent.
Thank you if you took the time to read this.

Philip Munger and Fred James said...


Thanks for visiting our trial blog. I am sure that Vic is innocent in your mind, and will continue to be, no matter what. I empathise with him, but am not in sympathy with him or with your support for his situation.

1) I ran the biggest halfway house in Alaska for about two years. During, before and after that time I had the responsibility to decide whether or not to send many people back to prison because they broke important rules they had agreed to abide by. I disliked doing this, but did so with little hesitation.

Mr. Kohring broke important rules he agreed to abide by. I believe he also commited three crimes as defined by Federal statute. Were he a Democrat and a liberal, I feel you might not be so sympathetic toward his current situation.

2) I have no idea who you are, or who your son is. Your assertion I bullied your son is the first I have heard of anything of this kind happening in the Mat-Su College Community Band between 1995 and 2007, which was my tenure at that marvelous ensemble. Did you complain to me or to the college? I can assure you, linda, that if you or your son felt pressured by something I said or did, I would have acted quickly to make him feel more comfortable in the only ensemble for his needs in the local area.

As I announced a year ago, when I gave my nine-month notice at the band, I felt my growing awarenes of the tragic course our nation is set upon, and my responsibility to deal with changing that course in new and increasingly open ways, left me little choice but to turn the band over to somebody whose presence might not offend or outrage the many Vicbots in the Valley whose kids I DO want to love music.


Linda said...

Well Mr. Munger no one needs your brand of empathy or sympathy.
Your friend Fred who states you are a very good musician, does know who we are. In fact he told me recently that he was at one of your concerts and you pounded the audience with your political foolishness and after the concert your friend told you that you had been inapopriate in doing that to the audience. So you are quit aware of what you have been about all these years. And there have been several that I saw tell you such.

I see you around town from time to time. This week you stopped in your penguin suit to take a picture of that horrid sign against Vic over by trunk road.
At that same moment my now grown son was driving by to go to a class at MatSu. He turned around to confront you but in the time it took him to turn around, you had left. I think my son was spared as you are not worth the effort. Your reasoning is bizarre and unintelligent when it comes to politics and Vic.

You have been more of a negative influence on kids in music then you have been positive. That appears to still be, from your degrading comments on this blog towards citizens of the Valley, Your choice.
Thank goodness there are several other options for music in the Valley these days.

Your kind of person will not have any affect on "changing the course of our nation". Everyone locally knows better then to listen to you in any serious manner when it comes to politics.
However that is not the main subject of this blog is it.
It was the USA vs Vic.

Vic is innocent and that can be proven if the chains are taken off to allow him to prove it. Your continued misinformation and abusive persecution of Vic and his political convictions is weak insecure bantering from a crumpled old guy that needs to stay at his gift of musician.
However it is America and we are still allowed to speak our own opinions. Because of people with your opinions I am not sure how much longer that will be true.
Have a pleasant day.