Monday, February 4, 2008

Fred James on the John Henry Browne February 1 US Court Filing

Fred James writes on last Friday's filing by Jonh Henry Browne on behalf of former Alaska Representative Vic Kohring:

Well the day I've been waiting for has happened. The press has the JHB Motion and already at least one rag is spinning it shamefully against Vic...BUT FAILING to do so.

Have you read the stupid article by Brendan Kelley on ? It has Wev Shea maintaining that JHB should have known in advance that Sedwick was married to Vic's political opponent, Sedwick's own wife! And calls it last minute showmanship! But Shea never admits that FEDERAL LAW DEMANDS that any judge declare even an APPEARANCE of a conflict and Sedwick did not!!

We wondered why virtually all the motions JHB made were summarily dismissed by Sedwick, the change of venue, the "habit testimony," (Remember why I was there? Sedwick disallowed Leza and me and a legion of others to speak!!!), the opening of 'closed' hearings, no matter what the defense asked for, Sedwick vetoed. Now we have a reasonable explanation. It was payback time and Sedgwick thought he could get away with it! And if Sedwick claims he did not KNOW that Vic was his wife's major opponent, then he should be disbared for sheer stupidity!! It was a MAJOR hit on her career and salary!!! It was in all the newspaper and on TV. She fought tooth and nail with Vic and Leza and I witnessed it during the '98 Session Leza and I spent down in Juneau.

For the last two months Vic and I have been wondering just how the statist press would wiggle and spin this motion. It's clear, once you understand what happened and the law, that Vic has Sedwick by the balls. If Sedwick sentences Vic without dealing with the motion, then an immediate appeal can note THAT vengeance to all the other charges. And when Sedwick comes before the judicial review his refusal to recuse himself will look all the worse. Plus private citizens can make charges against unfair judges. There will be a firestorm of them! And each one will CC the press. And I'll lead it if necessary if Sedwick doesn't recuse himself immediately.

Comments oh great political and LEGAL dude? Before you do I highly recommend reading the motion for yourself.

posted by Fred James

photo of Fred James with Ron Paul last week in Washington state


Robin Boerner said...

So what do you think is holding up Sedwick's decision? It only took two days for Holland to kick it back to Sedwick.

Rimca said...

Great work.

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Fred “Extra ketchup on that ‘Dumb Burger’” James, Randy “Trucker with a Rottweiler” here send me a message.

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