Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day Four - Morning - Reds!

Philip Munger: I'm giving mid-terms at UAA this morning and early afternoon. What crappy weather!

I didn't take on Vic's Wednesday comments about the Mat-Su Borough government, which he characterized as "socialist," nor his similar but more severe take on Palmer-based Friends of Mat-Su, as "communist," because I didn't transcribe the comments very well, and they were in overall context of disparaging comments about other organizations and media outlets he perceives as being dangerous to America. Part of this is because I'm a board member, past secretary, vice-president and acting president of Friends of Mat-Su.

But I will say that I find it strange that this guy who was so bothered by inflamed or inaccurately passionate comments about his actions to feel a need to go around Juneau wearing a bulletproof vest, to be so similarly inflamed toward his perceived enemies. The term "communist" or "commie" is loosely thrown around by wingnut Dan Fagan quite often, too. When he dislikes somebody or something, they're "socialist." When he's really pissed, he calls them "communist." Why these inaccurate and essentially libelous categorizations of ideas and people they dislike?

Excellent take on Browne's strategy of calling in so many FBI agents from around the country by Steve Aufrecht at his trial blog. And Lisa Demer's long, thorough, chronology-based article at the Anchorage Daily News provides links to trial video and audio.

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