Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fred Catches Up - Monday & Tuesday

Fred James:

Aloha All,

Last night was the night I SHOULD have written this but I was so tired I could not think straight. So today’s report will cover Vic’s court action for Monday and today.

Monday morning I walked into the courtroom about four minutes late and I heard Vic’s attorney John Henry Brown (JHB) still interrogating Bill Allen, the former owner of VECO. The first words I heard were, “Would you have said the word ‘fuck or motherfucker’ 38 times if you knew a camera was on you?"

Allen said "no." JHB was pointing out one of the many differences between Allen and Vic. In all the time Vic is on camera, in videos the FBI made, he is professional, polite and does not use foul language. In fact, in one video he QUOTES somebody using the word “shit” to describe something. Then he apologized to the man he was talking to, totally unaware that he too was being taped by the government.

Because in fact Vic IS a REAL GENTLEMAN. The government’s own tapes proved THAT.

Once again Bill Allen was a most uncooperative witness WHEN he spoke to JHB. He could not hear; he repeatedly asked for JHB’s questions to be repeated, he put his own hearing aids on; he asked for new government provided earphones; he could not remember, (Until JHB showed him the exact page and line where he did in fact say something.) he disputed simple questions and then asked for another earphone. But When Allen was crossed by government attorneys suddenly he could hear every question clearly and answered promptly. His memory and hearing seemed to undergo a remarkable metamorphosis when the government was talking to him. But will the ADN or Channel Two tell you this?

Again, JHB’s questions forced Allen to admit that the very government attorneys questioning him would be the men who would recommend or NOT recommend a lighter sentence for Allen when he came up before the judge. Remember, if you are reading this blog for the first time, Bill Allen and Rick Smith were the “VECO Crooks” who have both pleaded guilty to a mass of charges involving corrupting and bribing politicians in Alaska. They were taped by the FBI many times and their language was most foul.

Let’s take a break for a minute and let me describe two of the principles in this drama, John Henry Brown, (JHB), Vic’s expensive lawyer and the judge, John Sedwick. Brown is tall, 6’6” and medium to trim build. He has brown hair with slight blond streaks and quite the charmer. He’s fast on his feet and unfailingly polite to all, the judge, his opposition, Vic, me, all who meet him. I have watched him perform now for a week and a half. He is a superb actor, coming off as a master speaker and interrogator. He will occasionally turn around when he is questioning a witness and wink at someone in the audience. He smiles and appears supremely confident. I think in this case he is facing a duo of government attorneys who are both ill prepared and have virtually no REAL case.

Yesterday the judge became very angry at JHB for allowing the press to see a little piece of paper that was taken from Bill Allen while he was on the stand. It was a ”Cheat sheet” according to Allen that he had written to remind him of some of the names and dates he would likely be asked about. This is of course definitely NOT ALLOWED in court and the paper was first taken by US government attorney Joe Bottini and at JHB’s insistence, given to JHB where the matter was dropped. JHB stood his ground. The judge literally yelled at him, “Why did you DARE show that paper to the press?” JHB asserted in a more than casual voice, “Because your honor, I believe that in America we should have open trials.” as if to mock the judge for not believing in openness. Outside the courtroom he is mobbed by the press and he handles them like a benighted jury. Today a female reporter asked him how he felt about his case. JHB responded “Wonderful. The Government has FAILED to make a case!” The reported pushed, “But I saw the video, Allen gave Vic money right on the tape.” “Yes you did,” responded JHB, “That we got Allen to admit was a gift for his daughter’s girl scout uniform and her Easter Egg Hunt. Who are you going to believe? Allen, a man who has pleaded guilty to corrupting Alaska officials or Vic who has lied to no one? And would you make an important life decision basing it on the word of Bill Allen?”

Judge John Sedwick is very thin, white haired and white bearded. He frequently looks angry sitting up there on his throne. For the most part I believe he has conducted the trial fairly, showing no particular bias to either side. It has always bothered me that US government judges always refer to the OTHER US GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES in the room, the US attorneys who prosecute the case as “The Government” as if he’s somehow distant and separate from them. He’s part and parcel of the government mechanism and in most cases shares the government statist ideas as well as gets paid by us the tax victims, just as the US attorneys do. But given THAT fact, he has done a fair job; if anything he appears to give JHB more than the US attorneys in terms of granting objections.

I believe the case was won with a question to Bill Allen from JHB. After rigorous but extremely polite questioning from JHB to the government’s two main witnesses, JHB got them both to admit that three main charges in the case simply were false. The government alleged that Allen had bribed Vic with money and Vic accepted it, that Vic had been offered a job by Allen, and a loan from Allen for $17,000 dollars. In low voices, they each admitted that there was no loan, they had never given him a job and the money that had changed hands so dramatically in the video was not even for Vic. It was for his daughter. They even admitted that Vic had called them two weeks later to inform them that the girl scout uniform had been bought and the Easter Egg hunt had gone well with their donated money. And to add insult to injury to the government’s case, they admitted Vic VOTED AGAINST the bill they wanted him to push!!!!!!!!!!!

The victory was later cemented by a video the government put on. It was a case where the FBI has wired up a lackey who pretended to by Vic’s friend. They had dinner together. In this taped dinner Vic was cool, professional, and looked great. He made the very points that he has made all along which make him look like a victim in this case. For the life of me I don’t understand WHY the US government did this. They put on a video which not only did NOT make THEIR case in any way it made Vic look very professional and honest!!! That video where he ate with an old family friend (SOB FBI STOOL) Frank Prewitt, was the icing on this legal cake.

The Government persisted. They next dragged out a young woman FBI Special Agent Mary Jo Herrett, a computer techie for the government. She had been involved in taking Vic’s computer apart, dubbing the hard drive onto FBI memory banks and then examining the contents. Was this the smoking gun? Was the government about to take down Vic? Special Agent Mary Jo Herrett’s efforts at who knows what cost to the US taxpayer victims yielded two documents, one a “Red carpet List” which listed those people Vic considered important to him. BTW, I’m proud to be #6 on his list of “friends.” The other being an e-mail setting up a meeting with two people. Both amounted to zip, nada, zero. By this time it was obvious that the government was scraping the bottom of the barrel and had no real case.

Of course the largest local newspaper, the Anchorage Daily New and Channel Two, both news outlets which savaged Vic over and over again for months, did not say a peep about these obvious victories. And wont! And when Vic wins they will have snide comments about having a slick lawyer who got him off on a technicality when in fact almost any good lawyer could have done the same job. the government was THAT bad at its case. This is not to demean JHB in any way. He was masterful all week.

The government rested its case yesterday.

This morning JHB announced to the judge that he would NOT be putting Vic on the stand because he believed the government itself had brought out all the facts showing Vic to be not guilty. But he did have two witnesses. The first was Vic’s nephew Aaron Kohring. 19 year old Aaron walked into the courtroom wearing a clean but old sweater, his shoulders appearing to be about four feet wide. He’s small for an average Kohring, only about 6’4”. But he played football and basketball at Palmer High School and gained statewide recognition for both sports. Several colleges recruited him but he decided to go to the University of Alaska and study petroleum engineering. He made an ideal witness for Vic. Young, super polite, just like his uncle, tall and strong. He was straight forward and totally honest in all his answers to both JHB and the government. His testimony was short, merely showing how he knew nothing about any corrupt deals his uncle may or may not have made in his behalf.

More important, the government asked him nothing which he could not answer quickly and with dispatch. Aaron’s testimony was another loss for the government because they could not make him look deceitful or show that anything illegal took place.

The last Defense witness was Vic’s long time friend Robert Hall. Hall walked slowly to the witness stand wearing an old plaid shirt. He looked very Valley but when he began talking we learned he had a law degree, many businesses, one very well known throughout Alaska, “Gorilla Fireworks,” . Robert Hall was there to give personal testimony to the fact that Vic had NOT fired Eric Musser when Musser had worked for Vic as an aide. This was to show Bill Allen lied when he alleged that he told Vic to fire him and that Vic did!

Again the victory with this witness went to the Defense!

The government came up with one final witness. That witness was an employee of VECO who had been responsible for hiring Aaron Kohring for a summer internship. The government had charged Vic with getting that job for him... illegally using his position as a state representative to do it. That employer told JHB, “I believe Aaron did a wonderful job for us.’ That statement was wonderful to hear from a witness the government had placed there hoping to impugn Vic. Instead the last words to the jury were that Vic’s nephew was a great worker!!!

With this the jury was dismissed for the day and we learned that we should have jury instructions and the summations tomorrow. This case could go to the jury as early as tomorrow noon! Then we wait!

My prediction?

Vic will be found NOT GUILTY on all charges.

Finally, a good friend, a man who is well read in philosophy and physics wrote me an e-mail which I would like to quote briefly. He has read the mainstream press and watched the collectivist Channel Two. He has also read this blog. He wrote this about Vic’s trial:

Aside from watching the WTC collapse, this is the most profound, in-my-face evil that I have ever witnessed in human affairs. Instead of thousands of remote strangers being immolated by Allah worshipers, this is a single man being subjected to slow, systematic torture and destruction by government worshipers.

And like that day on September 11, this travesty is making me feel a little dirty for merely being the same species as the prosecutors, witnesses, newspapermen, and genuinely bribed politicians.

My heart is with you and your lonely battle against these evil people, and I felt it was time to say "thanks".

IL Fettucinni

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