Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week Two - Day Two - Morning

Philip Munger: I had to leave at about 10:25 a.m. to get ready to teach at UAA this morning and early afternoon.

The defense presented two witnesses, Aaron Kohring and Robert Hall. The young Kohring - 19 years old - is Vic Kohring's nephew who was hired by Veco for the summer of 2006, to work in their intern program for colleges students who are majoring in engineering. I've been following this bright kid since he was a junior at Palmer High School, and know a lot of his friends and class mates. He projected well on the stand. Even if he didn't technically qualify for the program, he's the sort of kid who most employers would eagerly hire. He was followed by Big Lake fireworks magnate and right wing political activist Robert Hall. Hall testified about the length and depth of his relationship with Kohring, which dates back to Dimond High School, when both played in Jim Parcell's excellent symphonic band, and graduated together - in 1976.

Hall, no matter what one thinks of his politics, is one of the most fascinating people in the Mat-Su Valley. His testimony didn't help Kohring's case much, but Prosecutor Sullivan's cross examination was fairly hapless, as Sullivan walked himself into one minefield after another, illustrating amply the adage "Don't ask a question to somebody on the stand unless you know how he will answer."

The defense then rested its case. As I left, the prosecution was preparing to present a CH2M Hill employee regarding aspects of the hire of Aaron Kohring at Veco in 2006. The afternoon, which I might have to skip, will probably be taken up with jury instructions prior to closing arguments tomorrow.

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